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Senior Software Engineer Entwickler Consultant Available for Remote (LInux, Angular, React, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Python, AWS, Golang, Java, Javascript)

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08/2016 - Heute

3 Jahre 2 Monate

Cloud platform startup

Senior Developer (AWS, DevOps, Python, Golang)
drie Secure Systems - London, UK (Remote)

Cloud platform startup focused on deploying Heroku-compatible applications to AWS using security best practices. Built with AWS (S3, CloudFormation, SNS,SQS, Lambda, DynamoDB, EC2, IAM, Billing) Terraform, Docker, Python Flask,Zappa, Google Go(Golang), Serverless Architecture, Vue.js, MongoDB. Built many scripts and programs to enable third-party API integrations (MailChimp,Slack, Auth0, Xero), continuous delivery (Jenkins, ConcourseCI),regression/integration tests, analytics and customer on-boarding automation.

09/2013 - Heute

6 Jahre 1 Monat

Built a mobile progressive web app

Independent Consulting - Jena, Germany (Remote)
  • Built a mobile progressive web app as a personal budgeting tool to help privacy-minded people track their spending. All data is stored on their local device and there are no ads and no user tracking, so it is very private. Built with create-react-app, ReactJS, Bulma CSS, IndexedDB(localForage).
  • Built a free goal-setting progressive web app for
    New Year’s 2018 with Go (Golang), PostgreSQL 9, Materialize CSS,CloudFlare, Stripe, Mailgun.
  • Built a proof-of-concept, real-time mouse management system for the FLI Leibniz Institute to keep track of how mice are being used in scientific experiments with RethinkDB, NodeJS (Express 4, SocketIO) and Mailgun.
  • Built a real-time online learning platform for instructors to teach DevOps classes to UK government and corporate clients with PHP5,NodeJS(Express 4, SocketIO), AngularJS 1.3 Redis, Docker
  • Built a website monitoring SAAS website using Rails 4, Docker, Bootstrap 3, Go(Golang), PostgreSQL 9, Mailgun (transactional emails), Stripe(payments), Slack (alert messaging), CloudFlare (CDN, https, caching)
  • Built mobile device focused, responsive Dish Decider app, which gives people suggestions on what to cook based on ingredients in their pantry.Built with AngularJS 1.2, Bootstrap 3.2, RedHat OpenShift Cloud PAAS.App server is JBoss AS7 running Spring MVC 3 with JSON rendered by Jackson. Back end is Elasticsearch 0.90. Data scraping done in Perl and Python (Scrapy).
  • Built privacy-focused, browser-independent bookmarking app, which depends on the user having a Dropbox account. Data is stored in Dropbox and accessible via Dropbox Datastore JS API. Built Firefox add-on and Chrome extension, which allows adding bookmarks to Dropbox. Frontend is Bootstrap 3.2, JQuery. Deployed on Google AppEngine (Python).
  • Built moving average based stock monitoring system. Deployed on Google App Engine (Go, Golang) using Datastore, Delay, Memcache Appengine APIs

09/2011 - 08/2013

2 Jahre

E-commerce platform (Blue Martini)

Senior Java Developer
JCrew.com - New York, NY
  • Major contributor to creating Continuous Integration process with Jenkins.
  • Built employee discount mobile web app with iWebKit (front-end IOS skin), Google Go (Golang), Solr 4.0(search), Splunk(log file analysis and user analytics).
  • Major contributor in creating JCrewFactory.com, J.Crew’s online outlet store.
  • Switched transactional email generation (order confirmation, order status) from Blue Martini JSPs to Velocity templates to remove email delivery bottleneck during peak shopping season.
  • Currently migrating product array page generation to Endeca 6.2.

07/2011 - 09/2011

3 Monate

Built proof-of-concept TV personalization product.

Software Developer Consultant
Origin Digital - Weehawken, NJ

Built proof-of-concept TV personalization product. Built back-end services with Transparensee search index to return TV show recommendations based on user’s preferences. Implemented in Google App Engine Python to return search index results in JSONP for front-end to render.

09/2009 - 05/2011

1 Jahr 9 Monate

Built a custom Cognos Flex 3 tree widget with auto-complete to support a dimensional hierarchy with almost 60,000 nodes

Solutions Architect(Java, Cognos, MicroStrategy)
Software By Design – White Plains, NY

Consulting company specialized in customizing and deploying Business Intelligence (BI) solutions (Cognos, MicroStrategy). My role is to be the Java resource, which entails my expertise in Java-based design, development,integration and deployment. Clients worked for are all in NYC (Morgan Stanley,ITG)

  • Built a custom Cognos Flex 3 tree widget with auto-complete to support a dimensional hierarchy with almost 60,000 nodes. After evaluating other Javascript-based widgets (ExtJS, GWT), the Flex solution was the only one capable of supporting a hierarchy of that size combined with auto-complete without a performance degradation.
  • Designed and built the server-side components (REST service returning JSON or XML, Cognos 8.4 SDK) to support our Ext JS 3.0 custom Cognos prompt page
  • Implemented custom logging and metrics (usage and report execution timings) to aid the stakeholders and testers in enhancing Cognos report rendering performance.
  • Built custom MicroStrategy 9 report viewer using MicroStrategy SDK and Ext JS 3.0 widgets (TreePanel, Iframe). Integrated cleanly with the client’s core application, as they migrated from MicroStrategy 8 to 9. Deployed on JBoss 4.0.3 using JDK 1.5.

03/2009 - 06/2009

4 Monate

Implemented the login

Software Developer Consultant (Java, Groovy/Grails)
CommonNeed.com – Jersey City, NJ

Small start-up company focused on building learning systems. Worked on SocialLearn project, a social network focused on education and learning like LinkedIn is a social network focused on careers and jobs. The SocialLearn system was a proof-of-concept project sponsored by the Open University in the UK. The system was built with GWT(Google Web Toolkit) and GSP (Groovy Server Pages)  on the front end, Grails and numerous Grails (a web framework written in Groovy) plugins in the middle tier and MySQL as the database. Hosted on Solaris servers with Glassfish as our application server. Since it is a startup, my role touched upon all phases of the software development lifecycle. But below were the tasks I focused on the most.

  • Implemented the login, user profile and group-related functionality for the system. Used many Grails plugins (Jsecurity, searchable, taggable) to foster quicker development turnaround.
  • Used GWT as our UI framework interacting with our Grails RESTful controllers returning JSON. We went in this direction because we had a team with no substantial HTML/CSS/Javascript experience, but lots of server-side Java experience. GWT enabled us to write Java to generate
    Javascript and let us do GUI programming in a language familiar to the team.

12/2007 - 12/2008

1 Jahr 1 Monat

Freelance Java/Python programmer while traveling around the Mediterranean Sea.

Independent Consulting – Eastern Europe, Middle East, N. Africa
  • Implemented single sign-on application using Spring MVC authenticating against the company's Active Directory LDAP server. The user's view was customized according to the user's group affiliation.
  • Options trading based on sentiment and technical analysis. Implemented scheduled market scans to find trading opportunities with Python, PostgreSQL and Fedora Core Linux.
  • Updated SMS/Email pager information services application with new features. The application lets devices with text messaging capabilities to request textual information from the web without the need for an expensive data plan from cell phone providers. Implemented in Python and deployed on many Linux flavors.

08/2007 - 11/2007

4 Monate

Deployed on Tomcat 5 with future deployment to Websphere.

Java Developer Consultant (Endeca Java Development)
IconNicholson – New York, NY

Developed and deployed guided navigation and custom search capabilities using Endeca enterprise search server as the search engine for British Telecom's many web sites. Implemented with AJAX, Endeca JSP custom tags and Endeca Java APIs to extract and display search results from Endeca Information Access Platform. Deployed on Tomcat 5 with future deployment to Websphere.

01/2007 - 07/2007

7 Monate

Implemented the Searches and Reports business logic using Struts

Java Developer Consultant
American Express Publishing – New York, NY

Migrated Ad Production System (APS) from ColdFusion/Lotus Notes to Struts/JDBC/Tomcat platform. APS enables magazine ad sales representatives to enter their sold ads in to the system, while the managers used the data to analyze, price and forecast next year’s business. This organization is primarily a Windows/Lotus Notes shop and are trying to migrate to Linux with Java and Ruby On Rails applications

  • Integrated the Struts application to authenticate against the company’s LDAP server (Microsoft Active Directory). This successful implementation encouraged future projects which need authentication to leverage this login module and the Active Directory server.
  • Implemented the Searches and Reports business logic using Struts, JDBC, DAO pattern and SQL Server stored procedures. Deployed on Tomcat 5.5, Windows Server 2003 and Microsoft SQL Server 2005. Also deployed alternatively on Linux (Ubuntu 6.06 and RHEL 4).
  • Defined and implemented deployment process using ANT and Eclipse. Utilized VMware Server to create test networks and environments for Linux feasibility studies.

05/2006 - 01/2007

9 Monate

Options trading based on sentiment and technical analysis

Independent Consulting – Eastern Europe and Brazil
  • Options trading based on sentiment and technical analysis. Implemented scheduled market scans to find trading opportunities with Python, PostgreSQL and Fedora Core Linux.
  • Implemented virtual server test environments with VMware Server hosted on Windows XP with guest SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 and Ubuntu 6.06 virtual machines.
  • Updated SMS/Email pager information services application with new features. The application lets devices with text messaging capabilities to request textual information from the web without the need for an expensive data plan from cell phone providers. Implemented in Python and deployed on many Linux flavors.

08/2005 - 05/2006

10 Monate

Re-architected and migrated member registration from ATG Dynamo to Tomcat 5 using Hibernate and Struts frameworks.

Software Developer
Forbes.com – New York, NY
  • Re-architected and migrated member registration from ATG Dynamo to Tomcat 5 using Hibernate and Struts frameworks.
  • Enhanced email alerts functionality with addition of text ads, alerts aggregation and improved unsubscribe process. Implemented in PERL, JMS, JDBC, SQL, XSL. Deployed on JBoss 2.4.4, ATG Dynamo, Solaris, Oracle 8.1.6.
  • Migrated and improved our RSS feeds generation scripts from PERL to Java.

08/2004 - 04/2005

9 Monate

Traveling contract developer in South America and Mexico

Independent Consulting – South America

Traveling contract developer in South America and Mexico. Built SMS/Email Pager Information Services application in Python with Red Hat Linux. The application enabled informational queries to the internet using SMS Text Messaging. Queries implemented were: stock quotes, driving directions, language
translation, exchange rates, ATM locator and other client-specific queries. Similar to services offered by sms.google.com. Ported the application over to web services platform with Apache Axis and Struts framework.

08/2000 - 08/2004

4 Jahre 1 Monat

Developed scripts for batch processing credit card

E-Payments Web Developer
Wells Fargo Bank Internet Commerce Engineering – San Francisco, CA

We were the middleware development group which handled transactions between our e-payments clients and our risk assessment mainframe.

  • Developed scripts for batch processing credit card settlements from the world leader in online person-to-person payments. Our clients put their settlement batch files for processing on our FTP server. Our scripts pull the file, convert the IFX/XML formatted batch requests to mainframe message units (MUs) and send the converted MUs to our risk assessment mainframe. The mainframe responds with an MU, our application converts it back to IFX/XML and forwards the respond back to the FTP server where our client can access the response. Implemented with UNIX k-shell scripts, Perl, Valicert FTP, XML/XSLT, Java JAXP and NDM.
  • Designed and developed web application that creates XML from form inputs to create test data for integration and unit test. The front-end JSP form was dynamically generated by transforming our middlewareapplication's XML schema file. The form inputs submitted by the front end were transformed into XML, converted into a valid IFX message and sent to our middleware application. Implemented with Java Servlets/JSP, XML/XSLT/JAXP. Deployed on Solaris, Weblogic 6.1/8.1. Also deployed on Red Hat Linux 8.
  • Worked with the E-Payments development team to enhance and maintain our proprietary middleware product. The product converted individual IFX/XML online requests into mainframe message units. Implemented with Java Servlets, XML/XSLT/JAXP. Deployed on Solaris using
    Weblogic 6.1/8.1 with Oracle 9i back-end. Also deployed on Red Hat Linux 8.
  • Wrote test scripts in SilkTest to test online account transfers.
  • Developed web application to keep track of regression testing statuses. Before this application, this data was kept on a spreadsheet and e-mailed around for updates. Implemented with Java Servlets, JDBC. Deployed on
    Solaris using Tomcat application server with PostgreSQL database.
  • Developed web-based time tracking system used by 500+ users. Before the application was built, nobody had any idea how much money was being spent on each project. The data gathered by the time tracking system generated reports for middle and upper management to better
    allocate funding for current and future projects. Implemented with Java Servlets, JDBC. Deployed on Solaris using Tomcat application server with PostgreSQL database.
  • Developed web-based asset tracking system. This application was used primarily to store configuration information of Solaris machines. If a new project needed a particular machine with a particular configuration, the
    application would find an underutilized machine which fit the
    configuration, instead of buying a new Solaris machine for each new project. Implemented with Java Servlets, JDBC. Deployed on Solaris using Tomcat application server with PostgreSQL back-end.

05/1999 - 07/2000

1 Jahr 3 Monate

Created automated test scripts with LoadRunner

Software Quality Assurance Engineer
FileNet Corporation – Costa Mesa, CA
  • Created automated test scripts with LoadRunner.
  • Updated client and server software cycles in our enterprise lab.
  • Helped to make a web page that accesses our Engineering database with a VisualBasic front-end and an Access back-end.
  • Made a web page for our test group to let others know about our team's progress.
  • Member of a team that is responsible for taking incompatible software components and integrating them to work together.
  • Documented test procedures and instructions so others can replicate our team's efforts if needed.


Bash Shell Scripting
Flex 3/Actionscript
Google Go (Golang)

Produkte / Standards / Erfahrungen


Servlets, JSP, JDBC, JMS, Javamail, EJB, Hibernate, Spring, Struts, GWT,JAXP, ANT, JUnit, Log4j, Jenkins/Hudson, Maven, Eclipse, Gradle, Dropwizard


Android, AdMob, HTML5, Bootstrap 3
Web Frameworks: Ruby on Rails, Flask, Grails, AngularJS 1.3, Vue.js 2, React 16

Operating Systems:

UNIX (Solaris), Linux (Red Hat/Centos/Fedora/Ubuntu),



Third Party Applications:

Weblogic 6.1/8.1, JBoss, Tomcat, Websphere, Oracle
8i/9i, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Mercurial, Git, SVN, VMware, VirtualBox, Microsoft
SQL Server 2005, Microsoft Active Directory, Endeca, OpenLDAP, Cognos 8.4,MicroStrategy 9

Cloud Platforms/Services:

AWS, GitHub, BitBucket, RedHat OpenShift, GoogleApp Engine

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University of California - Irvine